Gallery at Northampton Pottery
Contact Information

The Northampton Pottery

102 Main Street

Northampton, MA 01060

Tel: 413-584-3299

Northampton Pottery is a clay studio and gallery
Located at 102 Main Street, Northampton MA.
Pottery classes are available for adults, teens and
children, 10 years plus.  Class size is limited to
allow for individualized instruction of students.  
Browse our site to get information about classes
and summer sessions.
Our Mission
To provide a rewarding creative experience  in clay
for people of all ages and abilities in a convenient,
relaxing and enjoyable  environment .

"The secret to a happy life is the feel of raw clay spinning under your hands on the
potters wheel. Simultaneously liquid and solid, it's totally unkempt until you learn
to speak the clay's language and coax it to do your bidding. Much like training your
pet, so I tell my students.
That's what we're here to do- learn the language of the clay and have fun doing it!"
Kris O'Neill, owner of Northampton Pottery,
invites you to sign up for classes for adults and
teens in our community-oriented studio and
gallery at 102 Main Street, downstairs in the
Guild Building
Welcome to the Northampton Pottery
Updated 5/14/2017